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Drumsticks from Mark Sutor of June and used my Mark Sutor.  There are three of them up for auction.


The band formed in 2002 under the name Drive Like June [citation needed] for the purpose of playing local shows in Chicago, and they later changed their name to June for legal reasons and self-released a demo EP in 2004. They embarked on a tour of the Southern US states in July and August 2004. Their self-titled EP was made available for streaming through their website on July 28, 2004.


They signed to Victory Records in October 2004. In 2005, Victory Records released "If You Speak Any Faster" with hit single "Patrick" in August of that year and touring widely across the United States. The group's second album for Victory was released on August 7, 2007, entitled "Make It Blur". On February 3, 2008.

Drumsticks from Mark Sutor of June

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