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Anime Club:


Every Friday from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Registration is Open Now.
For ages 14 and up 

Purpose of Anime Club

Cost: $35.00/Per Week 

Anime club may be a fun activity for the members to enjoy during the school year, but it is not just a reason for them to get out of the house.


The purpose of this club is for the members to learn more about themselves, work on social & communication skills and expand their scopes of self expression.

During this club students will have to learn to compromise and have patience/ delayed gratification with other members. Which is why we have a voting system in place. The members will have to vote and wait to watch the anime of their choice.


Communication skills will be worked on during group discussion days. Student will share their likes and dislikes on anime viewed. This way the members can give different opinions and input on other anime. 


On cosplay day members can dress up like their favorite anime characters. Cosplay is a day to help members feel comfortable in their own skin and boost self-confidence.


Other planed themed days and activity will continue to work on goals mentioned above.


Feel free to call the director of Maxwell’s House of Abilities to ask questions at (832) 447-7576 

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