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Drumstick from James Ulrich of Over It and used by James.


Over It is a rock band based in Orange County, California. Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, the band formed in 1998 to play pop punk.


The band, originally a four-piece, started out on Negative Progression Records, who released their debut album The Ready Series on April 25, 2000. They promoted it with a US tour between June and August 2000.  In December 2000 and January 2001, the band toured the south-eastern and midwestern US states with the Stryder. The band signed to Lobster Records in December 2001. In early 2002, Over It toured across the US with And So It Begins. Over It released a split with My Captain in June 2002, following which both bands toured in July and August. In June, the band played two weeks of shows with Near Miss. Preceded by the free download of "Nothing Serious" on July 18, 2002, the band released "Timing Is Everything" on September 3, 2002.


In October and November 2002, Over It toured across the US east coast; in January and February 2003, they toured across California. In June, the band released an acoustic split with Junction 18. The following month, the band appeared on the Radioactive Stage of Warped Tour. Between September and November 2003, the band supported Rufio and Motion City Soundtrack on a co-headlining cross country tour. On November 18, "Timing Is Everything" was reissued as an enhanced CD.  In April 2004, the band went on tour with the Matches, which was followed by a stint with A Wilhelm Scream in May. In July and August, the band appeared on Warped Tour. They toured the West Coast with Tokyo Rose, My New Life and Park, and then toured with the Gamits and National Product the following month.


The music video for "Siren on the 101" was posted online on January 24, 2005. Over It went on an West Coast tour in February 2005 with Killradio and Acceptance. They released Silverstrandon March 8, 2005; in the two months leading up to its release, a new song from it was posted online on a weekly basis.Silverstrand chronicles the band's move to southern California, and is their most focused work to date. The band added Ryan Ogren as an extra guitar player. Over It toured the US in March and April 2005 with Tsunami Bomb and the F-Ups. Following this, they appeared at The Bamboozle festival in April 2005, tour with Gatsbys American Dream and Rufio, and released a split single with Punchline on April 26, 2005. In June 2005, they supported&n