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Drumstick from Chris Kamrada of There For Tomorrow and used by Chris Kamrada.


There for Tomorrow is an American alternative rock band that was originally formed in Orlando, Florida in February 2003. The original group consisted of four members: Maika Maile, Chris Kamrada, James Flaherty, and Jay Enriquez. Christian Climer joined the band in 2006 when the band was looking for a new member after James left in 2005. The band were influenced by bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind, Blink-182, and the Hives.


Chris Kamrada is an accomplished studio & touring drummer from Orlando, Florida. His current home is now in Nashville, Tennessee & he has appeared on dozens of tours & albums with multiple bands/artists. His wide range of experience is a rarity in this industry; especially for still being so young in his career.

Drumstick from Chris Kamrada of There For Tomorrow (Used By Band)

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