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Autographed Ticket Stub by Armor For Sleep on Tour with Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution Tour 2008 at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin.  


Armor For Sleep was founded by Ben Jorgensen in 2001 in New Jersey. Nash Breen and Peter James "PJ" DeCicco later joined the band after leaving fellow New Jersey band Prevent Falls. Jorgensen stated the name of the band comes from his early experiences of writing music and not being able to sleep. As he recalls, "I guess when I started the band I was kind of, like, retreating in my room and I kind of couldn't really fall asleep, so I started playing music. I just thought of the name Armor for Sleep, because it was really, the music was keeping me from passing out! Which was something I was procrastinating on."


Ben would go on to record a two-song demo containing the songs "Dream to Make Believe" and "Slip Like Space", which would later be re-recorded and released on their first album "Dream to Make Believe". Former guitarist Paul Abrahamian went on to form It's Called the Ghost Town Symphony in November 2002. Later that month, Armor for Sleep recorded a three-song demo with producer Dan Coutant; Mark Kenask of Blind Society played drums on the demo.


Armor For Sleep originally signed to Equal Vision Records, where they released their first two albums, "Dream to Make Believe" in 2003 and "What to Do When You Are Dead" in 2005. The band signed to Warner Brothers/Sire Records in 2006, explaining it was "time for a change".


A Machine Shop remix of their track "Remember to Feel Real" was featured on the "Snakes on a Plane" soundtrack in August 2006. The next year, the band debuted a new track entitled "End of the World" on the soundtrack for the 2007 film "Transformers". This song would later appear on their next record, but with various changes, including the reduction in vocal effects and keyboards.


Armor For Sleep released their third full-length album "Smile for Them" on October 30, 2007.


On August 20, 2008, the band announced an extended play (EP), entitled "The Way Out Is Broken."

Autographed Ticket Stub by Armor For Sleep on Tour with Linkin Park’s

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